Financing and Escrow

Solutions for Your Complex Financial Needs

At Goldman Lampe Private Bank, we provide comprehensive financing and escrow services, designed to cater to the intricate financial requirements of our esteemed clients. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide bespoke solutions that ensure your financial transactions are executed seamlessly and securely.

Trust our expertise, integrity, and commitment to excellence as we provide sophisticated solutions for your complex financial requirements.

Customised Financing Solutions

Our team works closely with you to understand your unique financial needs and craft tailored financing solutions. Whether you’re looking to finance a business venture, acquire assets, or manage liquidity, we provide a range of options including secured loans, lines of credit, and structured financing to meet your objectives.

Real Estate Financing

From acquisition and development loans to refinancing existing properties, we provide flexible and competitive financing solutions to support your real estate objectives.

Asset-Based Lending

We offer loans secured by a variety of assets including real estate, securities, and other high-value collateral, providing you with the liquidity you need while maintaining ownership of your assets.

A M E R I C A N   E X P R E S S


Exclusive Escrow Services: Secure Transactions, Uncompromised Trust

Goldman Lampe Private Bank’s escrow services provide unparalleled security and efficiency for your vital transactions. As a trusted third party, we hold and disburse funds according to the agreed-upon terms, ensuring a seamless and secure completion of your transaction.

Our team of experts works closely with all parties involved, maintaining transparency and clear communication throughout the process. Choose Goldman Lampe Private Bank for your escrow needs and experience the confidence of knowing your assets are protected by a dedicated and reputable financial institution.

Goldman Lampe Private Bank

Mergers & Acquisitions Financing

Support your strategic growth initiatives with our Mergers & Acquisitions financing solutions. We provide customised financing structures to facilitate your acquisition, merger, or buyout transactions, ensuring you have the financial resources to execute your strategic plans.