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You can count on us to provide you with the best business banking services to keep your business running smoothly and successfully. You need a bank big enough to handle all the demands of your business but small enough to know you and value you. That’s at the core of what we’ve created at Goldman Lampe. We offer the capabilities of the big banks without ever losing the personal service, flexibility, and local decision-making. It’s no wonder Goldman Lampe is the leading independent private offshore bank.

The Business Current Account provides a range of services and solutions tailored to suit your business needs and help make your money work for you.

The Business Credit or Debit Card accompanies the Business Account. 

No limits, No borders.

 Our experienced team of bankers will work with you to design a suite of Cash Management solutions that will support your organisation’s daily operations, as well as its growth and expansion. We accept cash deposits, which can be made at our cash deposit points or by ordering a cash pick up service (insured convoy) in any part of the world.

Crafted solutions.

Our experts understand that time is at a premium when running a business. The Business account provides a range of services and solutions tailored to suit your business needs. We do not discriminate against any profession, so we do not limit our services to a specific type of business – we craft solutions for all companies. 

Modern as it can be.

Fully accessible through internet banking, the Business Account allows for instant money management, enabling you to view accounts, transfer funds and make payments. With secure messaging, commercial clients can interact promptly with their bankers and conveniently attach files without the need for further encryption.

Efficiently and competitively.

Available in a range of currencies, Business Account clients benefit from Currency Exchange Service (also non-fiat). In addition, access to Goldman Lampe extensive international payment and foreign exchange services ensures that your global trade finance needs are managed efficiently and competitively. 

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