We are delighted to share that Goldman Lampe Private Bank has had a remarkable start to 2024, with our first quarter results demonstrating significant growth and unparalleled financial strength. As we continue to set the pace in the banking industry, we achieved a notable 40% increase in key financial metrics compared to the same period last year.

Financial Highlights of Q1 2024:

Net Profit: We reached a record high of $3.92 billion in net profit, evidencing our successful strategy in asset management and investment portfolio diversification. These efforts have yielded substantial returns despite the volatile markets.
Total Assets: Our total assets have surged to $210 billion. This growth is a testament to our ability to attract and securely manage the assets of high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients.
Revenue Streams: Our total revenue has escalated to $14 billion, fueled by gains in both interest and non-interest income. Our commitment to innovating financial products and services continues to resonate well with existing and new clients, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
Operational Achievements:
We’ve expanded our global presence with new branches in major financial centers across Asia and Europe, further solidifying our international footprint. Our ongoing investment in digital transformation has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and client services, reducing costs and improving risk management across the board.

A Word from Our CFO, Maria Lampe:
“I am immensely proud of our team’s hard work, which has reflected in our outstanding performance this quarter. The trust our clients place in us fuels our commitment to continuously innovate and adapt in anticipation of their evolving needs.”

Industry Perspective:
Financial experts recognize our distinct edge this quarter, highlighting our aggressive yet prudent strategies in investment banking and wealth management. Our approach positions us well to leverage opportunities presented by the global economic recovery.

Looking Forward:
We remain optimistic and ambitious about the future. Plans are underway to expand our reach and enhance our digital offerings further, ensuring we continue to meet our clients’ needs and exceed expectations.

Our impressive performance in the first quarter is not just a measure of our financial health—it reinforces our position as a leading force in the competitive private banking landscape. We are excited for what lies ahead and remain dedicated to delivering sustained value to our shareholders and clients alike.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.