Goldman Lampe Private Bank, a leader in private banking services, would like to inform all current and potential clients that our authorized agents and representatives are not permitted to charge any fees for the account opening process. The bank upholds a strict policy that the process of establishing an account should be cost-free, accessible, and transparent for all clients.

We have been made aware of consulting firms that offer advisory services and may charge for their consultations regarding account opening. We wish to clarify that these firms operate independently of Goldman Lampe Private Bank and their fees are not sanctioned by our institution. While clients are free to engage additional support services at their discretion, the fees charged by these consulting companies are outside the bank’s responsibility.

To ensure security, reliability, and ease of access, all prospective clients are encouraged to apply directly through the official Goldman Lampe Private Bank website. A dedicated link for account opening is available to facilitate a straightforward and secure application process.

Goldman Lampe Private Bank remains committed to providing an exceptional banking experience. We encourage anyone who encounters or suspects any form of abuse or unauthorized charges in the name of our bank to report these incidents directly to us. The bank takes such matters with utmost seriousness and will take appropriate measures to investigate and address any reported misconduct.

For further information, assistance, or to report any concerns, please contact our customer service team through the official communication channels listed on our website.

Goldman Lampe Private Bank is devoted to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and client service, and we thank our valued clients for their trust and support.