Services tailored to your needs

The purpose of creating the Goldman Lampe Private Bank, was to provide customers with the best service on the private and offshore banking market, with a guarantee of complete secrecy. Thanks to discrete, perfectly tailored solutions, Goldman Lampe quickly gained the position of one of the most significant financial institutions in the offshore and private banking sector. As a result, we can guarantee you exceptional, almost anonymous banking services in the global market, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Personal Accounts

We are well aware that exceptional people should be treated in a special way. That is why Goldman Lampe Private Bank has prepared an elite offer of services that goes far beyond the generally available standards. We set a new level of customer service and ensure effective money management with guaranteed discretion.

Award winning

Experience unparalleled personal banking services at Goldman Lampe Private Bank, the award-winning institution that blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional client care.

Exclusive cards

Unlock a world of exceptional luxury and prestige with our exclusive cards, featuring MasterCard World Elite and American Express Centurion.

Business Accounts

Experience a seamless banking experience with our advanced digital platforms, ensuring the efficient management of your business finances. Benefit from exclusive investment opportunities, tailored lending solutions, and sophisticated cash management services, all backed by our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Cash Management

Unique cash management services with endless possibilities.

Global Reach

Global network of Agents and Representatives will attend to all your needs that will help your business grow.


Wealth Management

Experience the pinnacle of financial success with our award-winning Wealth Management services at Goldman Lampe Private Bank. Our expert advisors craft bespoke strategies to protect, grow, and optimize your wealth, ensuring a prosperous and secure financial future.

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Financing & Escrow

Unlock financial flexibility with our tailored lending services at Goldman Lampe Private Bank. Experience bespoke financing solutions designed to support your unique goals, fostering growth and maximizing opportunities. All at competetive rates not found elsewhere.

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Highest Monthly Returns

Our Term Deposits are the most competitive on the market. No wonder in the recent years Goldman Lampe Private Bank won countless awards only for this investment option. As the only bank in the world, we offer monthly returns that are fully spendable.